Meghann Wick
Professional Massage Therapy

Palm Tonic

Welcome to the place where your worries can stay at the door and your stress melts away.  Palm Tonic is a small solo practice created to provide their clients one on one care with a massage therapist who truly listens. Creating the proper relationship for you to feel safe and secure is my priority so that we can work together in achieving what bodywork you need in each session.  There are many layers to work through, from muscular, facial to nervous system and energetic flows.  I follow a very eastern approach to your session, feeling for the tensional pulls and following along Shiatsu Meridian lines releasing stuck energy along the way.  You can't force the body to move in a way that it isn't ready or able to, that's why we slow things down and move when your body tells me to.  Its a style I have carefully crafted over my 17 years in providing bodywork.  Your massage should be an experience that leaves you feeling totally balanced, relieved from stress and back in a natural state of homeostasis. Your comfort needs can be worked with and you should find an option in my menu that is best suited for you.

~Meghann Wick LMT 

Palm Tonic



If you were referred you to me, please make sure to mention their name so I may thank them.

If you are pregnant please make sure to let me know before your appointment so I have the right set up.

If you under the care of a physician and receiving any treatments please make sure you are clear to receive massage therapy prior to your appt.

I am certified in Trauma-Informed Bodywork if this appeals to you and you have requests such as remaining full clothed or may need to end sessions early we can discuss in person and work within your needs with complete compassion and understanding.